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2001, BOA Music

Berrogüetto pays special attention to its musical discourse but also to the narrative and aesthetic ones. Hepta is an intervention of artists from different disciplines, a combination of various arts.

Artistic credits

The band

Anxo Pintos: Bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, flute, soprano saxophone and piano

Guadi Galego: Vocals and bagpipe

Guillerme Fernández: acoustic, electric, and synthesized guitars and bass.

Quico Comesaña: Bouzouki, mandolin, Celtic harp, citole and banjo

Quim Farinha: Violin

Santiago Cribeiro: Accordion and keyboard

Isaac Palacín: Drums and percussion



Kin García: Double bass (on "Heptacordo", "Alquimista de soños" and "Azul graso") and bass guitar (on "[email protected]ías.tacom").

Xabier Díaz: Vocals (on "Cantos de Monzo" and "Alquimista de soños")

Luís Palacín: Harmonica (on "[email protected]ías.tacom")

Jivan Gasparyan: Duduk (on "Armenia")

Kalman Balogh: Cimbalom (on "Samesugas" and "Azul graso")

Markus Svensson: Nyckelharpa (on "Samesugas" and "Setestrelo)



Bagpipes: Alfonso Castro

Bouzouki: Marc Boluda

Tambourines: Xaneco Tobío and Carlos do Viso

Hurdy-gurdy: Xaime Rivas

Bodhran: Víctor Barral

Large tambourine: Carlos do Viso

Technical credits

Recorded by Isaac Palacín in Caldas de Reis

Mixed in Caldas de Reis and "Casa dos Tolos" by Isaac Palacín with the participation of Segundo Grandío between August and October 2001.

Additional recordings: Guillerme Fernández


Artistic production: Berrogüetto

Original idea: Quim Farinha

Arrangements: Berrogüetto

Photographic Creation: Georges Rousse

Berrogüetto’s logo: Armando Lago

Original design: Quin Alborés

  • 1
    Nanatsu [4:07]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 2
    Vinte Anos [4:21]
    Music Santiago Cribeiro
  • 3
    Heptacordo [4:02]
    Music Quim Farinha
  • 4
    Baixando de ti [4:10]
    Music Guadi Galego
  • 5
    Armenia [3:10]
    Music Guillerme Fernández and Quim Farinha over a Jivan Gasparyan improvisation
  • 6
    Samesugas [3:57]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 7
    Setestrelo [3:44]
    Music Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández Lyrics Guadi Galego
  • 7+1
    Hebdomadaria [4:43]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 7+2
    Albores [2:53]
    Music Isaac Palacín, Quico Comesaña, Guillerme Fernández
  • 7+3
    Cantos de Monzo [2:51]
    Music and Lyrics Traditional
  • 7+4
    [email protected]ías.tacom [3:39]
    Music Quico Comesaña
  • 7+5
    Alquimista de soños [4:06]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 7+6
    Azul Graso [3:35]
    Music Anxo Pintos