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2001, BOA Music

Berrogüetto pays special attention to its musical discourse but also to the narrative and aesthetic ones. Hepta is an intervention of artists from different disciplines, a combination of various arts.

Hepta, as Berrogüetto uses to do, arises from an ideographic and conceptual approach. Its starting point is the reflection and the game around the magic number hepta, number seven in Greek... seven musical notes, seven colours of the rainbow, seven fine arts, seven musicians of Berrogüetto, seven friends...

The Berrogüetto's third record, Hepta, is the most choral of its works. They offer us thirteen songs, with almost a composition per member. Hepta is a sign of the consolidation of this pioneering band's style and its maturity as a team. Once again Berrogüetto received applause and critical acclaim for its quality.

From a conceptual point of view Hepta is an intervention of artists from different disciplines, a combination of various arts. It is worth mentioning that they had the collaboration of Georges Rousse for the graphic section of the disc. Rousse, a well-known French contemporary artist joins photography, architecture and painting in his works. For the commission of Berrogüetto, Rousse intervened a historic building in the Sargadelos old factory in Cervo, Lugo. The artist modified the room by painting geometric figures of the seven colours and creating an optical game, which would be captured by the camera lens. Berrogüetto components were active in creating the piece; they placed at the artist disposal as craftsmen, labourers and actors, becoming both object and subject of the composition. This work was possible thanks to the special collaboration of the Galician Contemporary Art Center (CGAC) and Sargadelos.

Baixando de ti [4:10]

Music Guadi Galego
Dame ás de peixe espada
e o vento que non se para.
Cores malvas escollidas
que prenden a luz do día.

Déron-nos día por noite,
déron-nos auga de mel.
Esta vez, non quero doce
Quero vivir nesta pel.

Escollín vivir así.
Arriscando-o todo ate o fin.
Aprendín, esmorecín
mais eu sigo baixando de ti.

Canta tú, cantemos todas,
fagamos do canto un berro,
unha fala, unha verba,
un podo pero non quero.

Nacen ríos sen montañas
Son bágoas que non resbalan,
amores que non se cortan,
historias que non se falan.