Quim Farinha
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The band

Quim Farinha Fiddle, nyckelharpa

Quim Farinha is a multidisciplinary artist: musician, photographer, cabinetmaker and luthier.

Quim Farinha always felt a strong attraction towards folk music. He recalls the first folk festivals of Ortigueira or the Milladoiro concert on 25th July at the Praza da Quintana in Santiago de Compostela as some of his life's most exciting moments. Amongst them is also the time when, in 83, he was at boarding school and had to ask permission from the priests to attend a concert by Gwendal.

He studied violin with Milladoiro's first violin Laura Quintillán, and at the Conservatorio Histórico in Santiago de Compostela.

His career took off by the end of the 1980s, beginning of the 1990s, when he joined some of the most important folk bands of the time such as Dhais, Xorima or Fía na Roca. Since 1998 he is Berrogüetto's fiddler.

His participation in other projects of different styles is also worth highlighting: Sol de Farofa (bossa nova-jazz), Talabarte trío (folk-jazz), Aló Djangó (swing). He usually takes part in foliadas, such as the weekly one at Santiago de Compostela's pub Casa das Crechas. These are improvised musical gatherings with other professional or amateur musicians, where the goal is to share music and have a good time.

He has also featured in albums such as those of singer Uxía, and those of Mugardos, Anubía, Emilio Cao, Pepe Vaamonde grupo and Malvela, amongst others.

As a fiddler, he provides his peculiar interpretation style based on his own fingering and repertoire for Galician bagpipes, spiced up with musical influences from other latitudes, bordering on jazz.

Between 97 and 99 he was violin teacher at the Conservatorio de Música Tradicional at the Universidade Popular in Vigo. He has also taught at the Conservatorio Folque de Lalín.

No doubt, Quim Farinha is a multidisciplinary artist: a musician, photographer, cabinetmaker and luthier. The incredible series of photographs he produced for Uxía's latest album, Eterno Navegar are worth mentioning. His activities as luthier can be seen in the manufacturing of instruments such as the nickelharp, used in the recording of Berrogüetto's fifth album Kosmogonías (2010).

As part of his own love for art, he fosters the relationship between Berrogüetto and contemporary art, something that can be seen in the special care the band gives to the artistic direction of each album.