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The band

Santiago Cribeiro Accordion and keyboards.

Santiago Cribeiro is one of the most reputed Galician accordion players due to his sensitivity and wide-ranging repertoire.

His interest in music was conveyed to him by his family, his father played several instruments and it was with him that Santiago Cribeiro took hold of his first accordion when he was still a child.

He studied at the Conservatories of A Coruña and Santiago. Although he was academically trained as a pianist, his preferred instrument has always been the accordion.

He started his professional career quite young with Debadoira, a traditional band in his home town, Cedeira. Later on, he moved to Vigo, where he joined the Grupo Didáctico de Instrumentos Populares at the Universidad Popular in Vigo. He started his recording career with this group, recording Instrumentos Tradicionais Galegos, one of the most important records for the Galician instrumental catalogue.

At the beginning of the 90s he co-funded Matto Congrio with his colleagues from the Universidade Popular in Vigo, such as Anxo Pintos, Isaac Palacín and Carlos Núñez. With this band they released just one album, Matto Congrio (1993).

In 1995 they created Berrogüetto, where he excelled as instrument player and where he developed as composer with themes such as "Vinte anos" (Hepta) and "Cracovia" (10.0). At present, Santiago Cribeiro is also a member of the band of singer Uxía, an activity he combines with his work in Berrogüetto.

His delicate way of playing the accordion places him as one of the most remarkable musicians of this instrument, both for his large repertoire as well as for his extreme sensitivity.

Santiago Cribeiro enjoys sharing his time and experiences with other musicians. He is a regular at the foliadas, improvised performances with other musicians, such as those held at Santiago de Compostela's pub Casa das Crechas. He has also taken part in numerous albums with Galician bands and artists such as Uxía and Xabier Mugardos. Some of his most important highlights are the participation in group festivals and concerts such as Cantos na Maré or Homenaxe a Zeca Afonso in Pontevedra in 2007.