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The band

Isaac Palacín Percussion

His career has been marked by heterogeneity (rock, folk, blues...) and that has help him develop a remarkable personality.

Music was part of Isaac Palacín's upbringing. He always had easy access to several musical instruments: in his home they were like toys, available to try, experiment and learn. No wonder two of his brothers are also musicians. What started as a hobby slowly became his profession.

He was trained as a drummer and percussionist between Galicia and Havana, with Cuban maestro Ruy López-Nussa. He completed his training with Afro-Cuban percussion lessons from Emilio del Monte and Galician percussion from Francisco Estévez.

Between the ages of 14 and 17 years he was an amateur member of different rock bands such as La banda del predicador and La nécora Prodigiosa, amongst others. The year after he stepped into the world of folk music for the first time, as a member of the band of singer Uxía. He was also a member of the Ya'sta la truop ensemble, and worked together with artists such as Los toreros muertos, Poyito de California and Rafa Kass. Recently he has been a featuring artist in the projects of Cuban pianist Jorge González "Bombero"' or those of Brazilian composer Fred Martíns.

In 1991 he joined Matto Congrio, still sharing his time with some previous projects. His first recording ever was precisely with this group, Matto Congrio (1993). This is the band where Isaac Palacín started playing with some of his future colleagues at Berrogüetto. In 1995, after Berrogüetto's inception, they got on the road together and they travelled throughout Europe in several tours.

He has been a guest or featuring artist in several recordings of different genres with bands such as Na lúa, Os Diplomáticos de Montealto, Anubía, Batuko Tabanka, Heredeiros da crus, Magín Blanco, Beladona, Lizgairo or The Chieftains. Besides, he also works as recorder and artistic co-producer of Chouteira, Caldaloba, Pan de Capazo, Santi Quintáns, Paco Charlín and the Seminario Permanente de Jazz, amongst others.

Another remarkable landmark in his career is his contribution to the audiovisual sector, where he worked as Sound director and Post-production technician in the documentary film Llanos. Presenza e devir dun fotógrafo (2008) by María Ojea; short documentaries by María Reimóndez A Semente and Tecendo o fío da memoria (2006); and short animation film O muíño abandonado (2006) by Lino Fernández.