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Berrogüetto in Argentine TV program Mp3, Music For the Third Millennium.

On Sunday March 28 Berrogüetto appeared in a report made by the Argentinian program Mp3, Música Para el Tercer Milenio. The program was broadcasted live by Canal7, the Argentinian public TV and it still can be watched in the blog of the program.

This prestigious program is broadcasted since 2007 in Canal7 at Argentina and for the last two seasons in channels of Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay.

Mp3's leitmotif is the investigation around musical rhythms. During the first season they studied all the Argentinian rhythms. After, they openned the register exploring the Latin American music. The program contributed to the dissemination of Candombe, Murga, vallenato, guarania, bossanova and trova, among many others.

They approach every rhythm guided by a reference person for each culture or people. Together they build a didactic tale not limited to music scholars. Thus, they interviewed cultural icons such as Silvio Rodríguez, Mario Benedetti, Carlos Vives, Vicente Feliu, Eugenia León, Mariachi Vargas, Quilapayun, Isabel Parra, Caetano Veloso, Nana Vasconcellos and Cecilia Todd.

The visit to Galicia

Mp3 visited Galicia searching some of the melodic and instrumental bases that nourished American rhythms. They found these similarities and that heritage, widely cited by American musicians, in the voice of those who sucked such music since birth, those who coined the old continent's guitars, bagpipes, accordions, harps and singing.

The program showed an interview with Berrogüetto conducted by the Mp3 reporters. They talked about the tour of the Galician music when it reached America, the syncretism it experienced, and its relationship with American rhythms and with different performers.

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