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Out on 6th April, Kosmogonías, Berrogüetto's sixth album

Kosmogonías, Berrogüetto's sixth album, will be out on April 6th. Berrogüetto is one of Galicia's key bands and one of the most widely acclaimed ones. Once again, Berrogüetto introduces interesting touches of innovation and experimentation in the field of Galician traditional music.

Ten songs are included in Kosmogonías, a reflection on humanity and its relationship to the universe, a cry full of optimism towards a fairer world order. With the voice of Xabier Díaz and the contribution of all members, Berrogüetto has found its inspiration in the will of groups and individual whose gestures and attitudes work to make the local a better place.

Special guests

With Berrogüetto's special sensitivity, this album also brings us the outstanding guests such as acclaimed Galician writer Manuel Rivas, who provided the lyrics for "Alalá da noite", one of the poems in his collection A desaparición da neve (Alfaguara, 2009); and writer Rosa Aneiros, who prepared the text for the leaflet included in the album Kosmogonías: “Berrogüetto, a medium in seven beats, brings to us that infinite symphony, a voice that comes from so deep inside that it hurts, as it is our own voice made music. They make us dream that a different music, a different cosmic order is possible”

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