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Tickets for Kosmogonías Presentations are already on sale

Berrogüetto still offers Galician music with an impact far beyond the frontiers of Galicia. Beyond music, they believe in cultural diversity as a source of wealth. Today, their music has the same flavour it has always had, offering multiplicity and homogeneity at the same time, one of the most difficult things to attain for a band. Today their music has room on any stage in the world.

Berrogüetto begins the tour of Kosmogonías in Galicia. The band wants to display the new live, for the first time, to their Galician public. The show is an experience that goes beyond sound. It combines music, dance and image. 

The main theaters of Galician cities are the places chosen by Berrogüetto to lead its discourse, an optimistic reflection about the relationship between humanity and the universe.

The Kosmogonías Presentation tour will start on the following dates and cities:

  • Pontevedra Friday, April 9th at Pazo da Cultura
  • Vigo Thursday, April 15th at the Teatro García Barbón
  • A Coruña Sunday, April 18th at the Teatro Rosalia de Castro
  • Zaragoza Tuesday, April 27th at the Teatro Principal
  • Ferrol Monday, May 17th at the Teatro Jofre
  • Lugo Thursday 20 May at the Auditorio Gustavo Freire
  • Ourense Tuesday, June 22nd at the Municipal Auditorium

To attend the concerts of Pontevedra, Vigo, A Coruña, Zaragoza or Ourense, you can buy tickets at the agenda of this website.

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