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2006, Berro Guetto Música

A consolidated Berrogüetto reinventing itself in its tenth birthday. An optimistic work that addresses the problems of the world for any ear. 

Artistic credits

The band

Quico Comesaña: Bouzouki, mandolin and Celtic harp

Santiago Cribeiro: Accordion

Quim Farinha: Violin

Guillerme Fernández: acoustic and electric guitar.

Guadi Galego: Vocals and bagpipe (on "Unha volta e un poema", "Vamosindo" and "Deneb")

Isaac Palacín: Drums and percussion

Anxo Pintos: Hurdy-gurdies, saxophone, flute, keyboard, duduk, bagpipes (on "Permafrost" and "Nosocomial") and violin ("Xente" and "Nosocomial")



Kin García: Double bass on "Sálgame"

Silvia Pintos: Lyric Vocals on "Permafrost"



Large tambourine: Carlos do Viso

Bagpipes: Alfonso Castro, Gil and Mouriño

Hurdy-gurdy: Xaime Rivas

Bodhran: Victor Barral

Guillerme Fernández recorded this album with guitars lended by "Studio 54", Santiago de Compostela.

Technical credits

Recorded by Berrogüetto between March and April 2006. Mixed by Suso Ramallo at Edisco in A Estrada .


Edited by Berro Guetto Música

Artistic production: Berrogüetto

Production Coordinator: Xulio Cordeiro

Berrogüetto’s logo: Armando Lago

Design: Fernando Lema

Photographs: Karlos Abal

Makeup: Fanny Bell

  • 1
    Xente [4:07]
    Music Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández Lyrics Inspired by a text by Manolo Maseda
  • 2
    Cracovia [4:22]
    Music Santiago Cribeiro
  • 3
    Brest [4:16]
    Music Quim Farinha
  • 4
    Unha volta e un poema [3:30]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 5
    Permafrost [4:35]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 6
    Lévame de aquí [3:30]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 7
    Vamosindo [4:43]
    Music Santiago Cribeiro
  • 7
    Sálgame [4:22]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 8
    Deneb [4:36]
    Music Quico Comesaña
  • 9
    Nosocomial [3:27]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 10
    Entropialxia [4:33]
    Music and Lyrics Quico Comesaña