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2006, Berro Guetto Música

A consolidated Berrogüetto reinventing itself in its tenth birthday. An optimistic work that addresses the problems of the world for any ear. 

Berrogüetto is the name of the subversion against the status quo of routine. It is the search for something beyond the mundane, a transcendence which is achieved from hours of sincere, honest work to find the hidden beauty behind the light of constancy. Berrogüetto is the name of pointillist minutia, of the fine blending of harmony and rhythm, of the agile melody never complacent and always with its eyes set on wider, bluer horizons.

It has been ten years since these artists first turned the world of folk music around with a distinctive and attractive discourse. The genius of these galician musicians was in their ability to create a distinctive and unmistakable sound, a school with many followers and imitators, something that very few groups have the privilege to achieve. After all, this is what distinguishes the great creators: only they belong to the collective imagination of a nation, constantly reinventing themselves in the spirit and style of a new generation of musicians. As such, Berrogüetto exists in a state of perpetual change, always questioning themselves, always restless as the emblematic group of galician music, blessing their followers (amongst whom I find myself) with musical gems as precious as they are rare. With only three discographic works under their belts, Berrogüetto has opened new paths for galician folk music. In their tenth year and with their fourth album they have earned the gratitude of all of us who appreciate their work. Thank you, Berrogüetto.


Rodrigo Romaní
  • 1
    Xente [4:07]
    Music Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández Lyrics Inspired by a text by Manolo Maseda
  • 2
    Cracovia [4:22]
    Music Santiago Cribeiro
  • 3
    Brest [4:16]
    Music Quim Farinha
  • 4
    Unha volta e un poema [3:30]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 5
    Permafrost [4:35]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 6
    Lévame de aquí [3:30]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 7
    Vamosindo [4:43]
    Music Santiago Cribeiro
  • 7
    Sálgame [4:22]
    Music and Lyrics Guadi Galego / Guillerme Fernández
  • 8
    Deneb [4:36]
    Music Quico Comesaña
  • 9
    Nosocomial [3:27]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 10
    Entropialxia [4:33]
    Music and Lyrics Quico Comesaña