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Viaxe por Urticaria

1999, BOA Music

Berrogüetto claims its own Icaria, a proper place for its music. An utopian journey that may one day be reality.

Artistic credits

The band 

Quim Farinha: Violin

Guillerme Fernández: Acoustic six and twelve string-guitar, electric and synthesized guitars

Santiago Cribeiro: Accordion and keyboard

Quico Comesaña: Bouzouki and Celtic harp

Isaac Palacin: Drums and percussion

Anxo Pintos: Bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, soprano saxophone, recorder, violin

Guadi Galego: Vocals



Javier Paxariño: Bass flute (on "Ausencia"), alto flute (on "Indonesia"), bansuri (on "Bailador") and sopranino saxophone (on "A forza das mareas")

Paco Dicenta: Electric bass (on "Aquí Canto", "Tránsito", "Indonesia", "Fusco", "Neocórtex" and "A forza das mareas")

Rubén Isasi e Iñaki Plaza: Txalaparta (on "Bailador") 

Ruy López-Nussa: Timbales (on "Fusco")



Djembe: Agustín García Álvarez

Traditional Percussion: Ana and Carlos do Viso

Bagpipes: Alfonso Castro

Hurdy-gurdy: Xaime Rivas

Celtic Harp: Ramón Casal

Bouzouki: Andy Tobin

Technical credits

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jean Phocas at Elkar Studios between December 1998 and January 1999.


Additional recordings: César Ibarretxe and Isaac Palacín.

Artistic Production and arrangements: Berrogüetto

Design: Quin Alborés

Photo: Xoán Piñón

Berrogüetto's logo: Armando Lago.

  • 1
    Aquí canto [5:06]
    Music and Lyrics Traditional/Anxo Pintos
  • 2
    Tránsito [5:15]
    Music Quim Farinha
  • 3
    Indosesta [6:08]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 4
    "K" [3:41]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 5
    Lusco [1:55]
    Music Quico Comesaña
  • 6
    Fusco [3:38]
    Music and Lyrics Quico Comesaña
  • 7
    Alalá das Humidades [5:59]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 8
    Neocórtex [4:37]
    Music Anxo Pintos
  • 9
    Bailador [3:27]
    Music Traditional Lyrics Traditional/Anxo Pintos
  • 10
    A Forza das Mareas [4:37]
    Music Quico Comesaña Lyrics Guadi Galego
  • 11
    Ausencia [2:26]
    Music Guillerme Fernández